Una Fire Toad

Quick post to show you my newest model - A Una Fire Toad from the game AT-43. The models come assembled and pre-painted, which made cleaning up the mould lines and painting certain areas very tricky. Fun model to paint none the less!


Emperors Champion

New model, painted to get me through whilst I wait for Salute to roll around. Mainly i painted this miniature to try out the chipping technique described in the Cool mini or not techniques PDF. TBH im not 100% convinced. It just doesnt look right. Maybe my colour choices were wrong?


Adobe Kuler

I wanted to draw peoples attention to a free web based app by adobe. Its called Kuler. It allows you to enter colours and it will then generate a swatch for you based on this colour.
You can choose to use different colour matching schemes (analogous / complementary etc). There are also community themes that you can access. Saving your scheme requires you to register, but ive found that "print screen" works just as well!

The starting colour can come straight from an image, so i've taken to use web based vallejo colour lists as the basic image. I choose the colour i would like to use and then find it on the colour swatch - if you use google image you can generally find most brands of paint.

For those of us who are "colour-challenged" its a real boon! Suddenly my colour schemes work!