For Sale (Pt 1)

Hi guys,

So, I've finally reached the point where some of my wargaming stuff has to go. We live in a very small flat, and filling it with lots of wargames terrain (especially when i only play 40K a couple of times a year) is more than my (long suffering) other half can stand any more!

So, Ive got quite a few bits and pieces for sale - Anything that doesnt sell through the blog will end up on eBay eventually, but probably at a slightly higher price. Anyway, prices are listed along with photos for each item. P+P will be at the cost - or if you are in London, UK and want to pick up any of the items, just let me know and I can arrange something. Once you have let me know that you want something I will check with Royal mail how much the exact postage is. I'm happy to ship to Europe or the USA, but postage will obviously be more expensive.

Payment via bank transfer or Paypal, which ever you prefer.

If you want to ask any questions, please leave me a comment or email me at paul [at ] expdigital [dot] co [dot] uk

More items to be listed in the next few days, once I've sorted through and determined what i actually have!

Foam board building 1, painted - £7.50 [UNDER OFFER]

Foam card building 2, painted - £7.50 [UNDER OFFER]

Cities of Death building 1, unpainted - £7.50 [SOLD]

Cities of Death building 2, unpainted - £7.50 [SOLD]

High density foam defense perimeter. Consists of 4 straights (1 smashed), 1 center point, 4 angled sections, painted, flocked - £30 (for the set)

Resin barricades / tank traps + 2x razor wire lengths, painted, flocked - £20 for set or £12.50 for half sets [UNDER OFFER]

High density foam rock outcrops + 3 craters, painted, flocked - £10 for the set [UNDER OFFER]

Citadel plastic hill, painted, flocked - £10 [UNDER OFFER]

Or you can have the whole lot (everything listed above) for the grand sum of £60 (a total saving of £40!)