Salute 06

So for a while i've had the free miniature given away at Salute 06 hanging around. I always liked the pose of the two models, but the casting was terrible on the one i recieved, so I'd never quite gotten around to painting it (and in the end it took a lot of work to get rid of the moulding errors)
Over christmas i had a bit of a dirth of miniatures to paint (shops closed, waiting for presents etc), so i decided to paint some of the models that i already had.
I'm sure that originally the two models were meant to be set in a specific time period, but i just painted them in ways that looked correct to me (so apologies to any "classical wargamers" who might have problems with the paint scheme!)
I've placed the models on a small piece of dirt surrounded by water. I wanted to give the impression that the two soldiers had fought their way to the waters edge and the one on his knees was preparing for his last stand.
I'm quite pleased with the way the model came out. The ground especially looks good (imho!), and the water effects turned out quite nicely (although it doesnt look quite as good in the photos), despite a near disaster with my masking tape breaking and the "water" leaking everywhere.
Comments welcome as always on both the miniature and the photography...

Forgeworld Ork Bust

Second attempt at painting this particular bust. I have to say, i really love this Ork model - Its quite an old resin piece, that i dont think they make any more. I picked it up many years ago when i still worked for GW. This particular model was stripped of paint and then re-painted recently when i ran out of things to paint over christmas.
I wanted to try to convey the power and brutality of an Ork, but also the stupidity, hence the "dribbling" effect around the mouth (this was a small amount of gloss varnish applied after the main face was painted). The only thing that im not 100% sure about is the gloss varnish on the antlers - I was attempting to make them look like heavily polished pieces of horn, but i think they look a little odd next to the completely matt skull.
Comments welcome as always on both the miniature and the photography...






Changing blog name....

I wanted to ask the advice of the blogspot community - has anyone changed the name of their blog? I want to change the name of my blog, but im worried that all my old posts / images / comments and readers will be lost - can anyone confirm what happens when you change your blogs name?


Aquila Folder

Recently ive been sorting out my mac file system so that things are a bit more organised and i found i needed a folder icon for my "wargaming stuff" folder. Once i'd created it, i figured that other people may like it. Here is what it looks like:

And you can download it here. The download includes all the PSD, PNG and ICNS images. Enjoy!