Una Fire Toad

Quick post to show you my newest model - A Una Fire Toad from the game AT-43. The models come assembled and pre-painted, which made cleaning up the mould lines and painting certain areas very tricky. Fun model to paint none the less!


Cannonfodder said...

Nice wwathering and choice of colors.

Peter said...

looks preety cool but reminds me of a squished dreadnaught :P

Paul Chana said...

@peter - LOL! Yes thats very much what they look like... Its kinda how they play in teh game too ;)

John Lambshead said...

I like the weathering. that has worked well.

Capitola Family said...

Paul, you are now officially my favorite blogger. Everything you do seems to be so well done. I can only dream of painting and developing scenes like you do. Keep going at it man, your stuff is awesome! I have become a follower!
Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

Paul Chana said...

Hi Mike,

WOW! Thankyou so much for your kind words! It means a lot to hear people say that about my models and inspires me to work even harder at painting!

Thanks for visiting :)