Custom Foam Pieces

Just had an email from Mike over at Terranscapes, letting me know that my custom pieces of foam for a terrain project are ready. Ill be talking about this project in more detail in a future post, but for the moment, take a look at the youtube video that Mike has posted for me...

Just as an aside i wanted to comment on how helpful, knowledgable and friendly Mike has been. I would *highly* recommend Mike / Terranscapes - the price for custom work is excellent, the work is good and as mentioned already, Mike is a great guy to contract from - Even if you arent interested in custom work, their pre-made terrain is awsome as well (just take a look at these trench sections for an example!)


More tank modelling sites...

So ive just found two more ultra cool tank modelling blogs / sites.
The first is Ultrawerke - This site focusses on tutorials that apply to sci fi and "real world" tanks. It is very handy reference site...
The second site is Fichtenfoo, an oddly named site, but which has an excellent tutorial on putting together a WW2 Russian tank - Almost all of the techniques are usable on 40K Tanks tho


Magnetic Flying Bases

Having recently broken one of the flying stands of my Tau Devilfish, i was interested to read this blog topic about making magnetic flying bases... Seems like a simple and efficient method of magnetising your flying bases! Now if i can just find some time in amongst the guard, the terrain, the tanks...


Cool tank modelling site

Ive just come across panzermodelbau - a very cool site that has lots of galleries and diaramas of WW2 Panzer tanks. Whilst the site deals with "Real world" tanks it is an excellent source of painting ideas for Sci-fi tanks and vehicles