Orc Progress

I've been painting (in amongst my other projects) an Orc warlord produced by Avatars of war - Its been a very enjoyable miniature to paint, as are all of the AOW mini's that ive looked at so far. Anyway, here is a work in progress shot to show you roughly where i am at. Oh and please excuse the photo - best i could do at the moment. Im slowley learning about mini photography - so hopefully my pics will improve with time!

New Miniature Mentor Video out!!

Great news, the new Miniature Mentor video is out. Hopefully this will be as good as their other videos. If you havent heard of MM they produce high quality detailed download movies focussing on certain minature painting techniques. Having bought quite a few other painting tutorials in the past, MM is the only one that i would really recommend. The filming quality is excellent (no blurry / out of focus shots), the painters they feature are truly world class and the price of the downloads is very affordable. Check their stuff here - http://www.miniaturementor.com/


My first post

So i've spent years saying "I have no need for a blog!" - Well now ive found a need!
I'll be using this blog to detail my terrain and army building progress as it happens over the near future. Mainly its so that i can see my own progress and keep myself motivated - and hopefully this will give other people some help and inspiration!