New site design...

Well ive finally found some time to sit down and edit the theme for my blog... I quite like it at the moment, but im sure that in a few weeks ill decide that i dont like it and change it round again.. But for the moment, im happy


Imperial Flags

So ive been working on my imperial guard a lot recently for a big game i have coming up. One thing that i noticed that was missing was flags - I wanted to have a consistent flag style throughout the army, so ive designed on in photoshop, using the Aquila shape that i used in my last post.

It a generic flag design, i simply add the unit name and serial code in to the scroll boxes and then print it out.

Ive included it below. Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Its all my own work, except for the purity seals which came from here and which i subsequently scaled down. I tend to move these for each unit, so they dont look too uniform.
Ill include some shots of the flags within units once the game is out of the way!

Aquila custom shape for photoshop

Recently ive been working on flag designs for vehicles and units. My general system for working with flags for my army is to design it in Photoshop and then print it out. Whilst this doesnt look quite as good as doing a full flag work up, using thin metal sheet and painting the design in place, it does have the advantage that it is quick to do, gives a good uniform look to the army and means that i can have many chances to get exactly the design i would like without having to re-undercoat and start the design from scratch.

Anyway, the thing that i find myself needing a lot is the imperial aquila (the double headed eagle!). After a long time of simply drawing it again and again, i decided to create a Photoshop custom shape using paths. That way i can simply drag a single vector shape on to the flag and have it rescale nicely each time i resized the image. I figure that this would be useful to other people, so i have made my custom shape available here

This custom shape was created for use in Photoshop CS2. Im assuming that it will work in other versions of Photoshop as well, but unfortunately i do not have access to other types of photoshop to test this - Let me know if you get it working in other packages!

You are free to do as you wish with this shape. Obviously it is based on Games workshops IP (and i make no challenges to this), but the actual shape was entirely my own work, based on a sketch that i did. The only thing that i would ask is that you dont claim to have created this shape yourself!

Below is a basic version of the Aquila, to show you what it looks like. Hopefully other people will find this as useful as i have...