Emperors Champion

New model, painted to get me through whilst I wait for Salute to roll around. Mainly i painted this miniature to try out the chipping technique described in the Cool mini or not techniques PDF. TBH im not 100% convinced. It just doesnt look right. Maybe my colour choices were wrong?


Anonymous said...

Awesome model mate, I'm not sure how you photographed this fella, but it looks really holy! Must be the soft lighting - I think you have pulled off the chipping effect very nicely too so don't feel unconvinced as it really does suit the model very well!

Akozz said...

I think armor chips look much better on lighter colours and are easier to do. I like your chips and there is nothing wrong with them in my opinion but dark armor make them hard to see and kinda decrease the effect. Anyway they look hundreds times better then mine chips :P Btw i think blade is awesome :)

King of Lead Mountain said...

I basically agree with Akozz that dark chips on dark armour are hard to do. I like to use contemplary colors for the chipped areas to make them pop. The only critzisim I have is that your paint chips look too big and too regular. the best way to gat an irregular effect is to dab some paint on with a ragged piece of foam blister packaging and make sure that the irregular dots are really small. You can always enlarge them but alterimng the shape with a brush.
This was one of my first attempts

And this is what the Pros can achieve

Paul Chana said...

Thanks for the links KOLM :)
Yeah ive seen the CMON link before, stunning work - as is your photo, great work!

The CMON effect was the one that i was going for - I normally use the "sponge" technique when working on tanks, but ive never tried it on a mini... Time to break out another marine ;)

Thanks for the kind words to everyone else

King's Standard Bearer said...

The only thing Id say is that the red of the eyes and the purity seal are too similar. I think the mini would look better with glowing green eyes! But overal it looks really decent and the base is nice