Forgeworld Ork Bust

Second attempt at painting this particular bust. I have to say, i really love this Ork model - Its quite an old resin piece, that i dont think they make any more. I picked it up many years ago when i still worked for GW. This particular model was stripped of paint and then re-painted recently when i ran out of things to paint over christmas.
I wanted to try to convey the power and brutality of an Ork, but also the stupidity, hence the "dribbling" effect around the mouth (this was a small amount of gloss varnish applied after the main face was painted). The only thing that im not 100% sure about is the gloss varnish on the antlers - I was attempting to make them look like heavily polished pieces of horn, but i think they look a little odd next to the completely matt skull.
Comments welcome as always on both the miniature and the photography...






Admiral Drax said...

Awesome! Simply awesome.

I don't have too much patience with the orks, but this really is a good, characterful piece, and your execution of it is superb, mate.

- Drax.