Tau Hammerhead Step by Step part 2

So continuing the Hammerhead walk-though. Not a vast amount of progress today, but a very important stage - Part one of the cleanup process.

Now that the hammer head had dried over night i visually inspected the body for where mould lines were very visible. Often i find that these only become truly visible once construction has started (as they end up being disconnected in odd ways, making the effect even worse!

In the two photos shown here i have circled the main areas of mould lines that needed to be removed. I never use a knife to remove mould lines on vehicles, the scratching leaves a very telltale mark! So its back to our friendly 800 grade wet'n'dry, and an hour or so of slowly buffing away the lines. I find that it helps to do this whilst watching TV, or chatting to the wife etc! Take your time, moving slowly through the affected areas.

The aim is to achieve a smooth effect, without damaging any major surface detail. I normally dont worry if there are a few lines showing where the sand paper has been (as generally these areas will be re-sanded later, once any gaps have been filled, but I always try to move the paper in the same direction if at all possible.

Here you can see the result across the nose of the Hammer head - notice that the major lines are now gone, and that the sanded section is fairly smooth. On the side "fins" it was much harder to get a smooth finish to the plastic, because of the difficult shape.

However, there is a large gap in this area that will need to be filled in later, so I'm not too worried. (As mentioned this will be filled and then re-sanded).

More progress reports soon. For the moment I'm off to prepare the Bad Bay Hackers for another defeat on the Blood Bowl field!