So, i was wondering if anyone else had noticed the new items listed on GW's Advance order page? Specifically the Planet strike sets. The new terrain looks quite nice like cheap rubbish (and, as usual with GW, its massively overpriced!), but i have to say, it reminds me a lot of the Platformer series by Urban Mammoth. Something about the scale seems wrong. Compared to some of the other terrain sets you can get out there on the net, they dont cut it for me. Especially given the price (edit, see below for prices)
Ive never understood why GW dont just do plastic casts of the forge world terrain, its awsome!
Anyway, I grabbed some pictures, here they are:

PS - I just spotted this at B-o-L-s. Guess that means i dont have to spend ages converting a Mighty Empires set then....

EDIT: Figured that i should put some prices up, as listed on the site:

Planet strike: £15
Landing Pad: £23.50
Bastion: £17.60
Chaos Bastion: £27.40
Mines, Bombs £11.75
Aegis Defence Line £11.75


Cannonfodder said...

Looks like the aegis defense line will offer bits for some hydra conversions- this might be interesting.

King's Standard Bearer said...

those mine/bombs really do look like cheap dog shit. any one of us in this here blogging community could whip something like that up in about 30minutes

Capitola Family said...

hey Paul, drop me a line if you can at santa cruz warhammer

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