Subject X1

I came across this bust on the JMD miniatures website. They make some of the nicest models ive come across and the moudling is superb, very little cleaning up required.

He was painted using a combination of vallejo, citadel and newly for me, some Formula P3 paints. These are made by Privateer Press, and i have to say, ive been very impressed with them. Unusually for the fantasy miniature world, they dont just ape the GW colour range, and their whites in particular are very nice to work with. In general the paints are more opaque than the vallejo or citadel ranges (the closest is probably the citadel foundation range). The thin extremely well, even with just water and the whites dont become chalky. I would highly recommend trying them out, especially Menoth white base and highlight and Sanguine base.

With Subject X1 I was trying to achieve the look of something that was, at one stage, human, but the experiments that have been performed on him have changed him inside and out! I also wanted to give the impression that he was a test subject, hence the shaved head and barcode on the back of his neck.

Hope you like him!


The Inner Geek said...

I've heard nothing but good stuff about those P3 paints. I guess I'll have to find a few of them and see for myself!

Paul Chana said...

Yeah, i really cant recomment they highly enough. The mix is excellent, with seemingly more pigment in the mix.
For an introduction you could do a lot worse than this box:
Formula P3 Paint Set Menoth-PIP93002

Its available here -

Wargames workshop are excellent, definately recommend them, they get my stuff to me pretty much next day. They are UK based, so if you are in the USA im not sure how much they would be.. Mind you if you are in the states you can order direct from Privateer :)

Thanks for stopping by...

All the best

Paul Chana said...

Apologies for all the typos in that last comment (I hope that it makes sense...).
Thats what you get when you spend a whole day working out the maths for hermite interpolation ;)