Dirt Diver

Sorry for the long time since my last post. Unfortunately Real Life got in the way (along with the Bang Face Weekender, which was awsome!). I have had time tho to paint up a new mini! This one is a conversion based on a Smart Max model that i picked up at Salute. The original had a cool claw thing, Ive replaced this with a new banner. I also removed the horns and replaced them with sun glasses / dust googles.
I had such fun painting this model, that i thought i would write up a new character sheet to use this character in 40K. So I present you with Master Sergeant “Dirt Diver” Arak! Hope that you like him. (And yes the name does come from "The unit")

And here are the 40K rules for using Dirt Diver


John Lambshead said...

That is a wonderful piece of work. Well done, sir,

Max said...

Very nice looking, and the rules seem pretty swell too. Any thoughts of updating it for the new codex?

sovietspace said...

An awesome looking model there sir, you should be very proud!

I love the SS-style feel of the original model, very imposing and impressive. And that banner complements it to a tee.

Paul Chana said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the kind words

@max - Yep soon as i get hold of a copy i will update :)

@sovietspace - Yeah those smart max minis are absolutely lovely. The style and detail of the sculpting is just amazing, and the resin they cast in is some of the best ive worked with!

Admiral Drax said...

Very nice; very clean. I love it!