Tolk'fre Tau

It occurred to me this morning whilst doing some hoovering (gets you good brownie points with the wife!) that i hadnt actually put up any pictures of my Tau army. So here we go - the entire army in one post!

The original idea behind my Tau was to put together a 1000 point army as quickly and simply as possible. With previous armies i had always fallen in to the trap of trying to paint every model up to a display standard - this just doesnt work, mainly because its not unknown for me to spend upwards of 15 hours on a single model! Multiply that up and it means that you never finish a squad!
So for Tau, i chose a very simple paint scheme - Each model was undercoated with Citadel White Primer, then airbrushed with white Vallejo acrylic for a flat base coat. Each model then had certain key areas blocked in with Vallejo Cold Grey and finally the piping and edges were given a thinned coat of Stonewall grey. Tints were blocked in with Vallejo Scab Red. Each unit took about 6 hours of work, including sticking together and basing.

Now that the army is painted, and i've had some time to let it grow on me, i think the paint scheme looks good - although individual models are not even close to even my worst single miniatures, as a whole the army looks good. At some point in the future i'm gonna do a longer post on this subject (Painting vs. Army Building), but for the moment, enjoy the pictures..

Troops 1
Troops 2


Ryan said...

Looks good, and I think you hit on the secret of a nice looking army... it doesnt matter what the level of painting is for each model, as long as the standard of painting is consistant and at least average over the entire force, your army will look good on a table.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome looking colour scheme. Really nice army mate, and that white must have been a nightmare to paint, but they all look really great!

Admiral Drax said...

Genius: I've been thinking about doing precisely the same thing with a small tau army. But then, I've still got a shedload of guardsmen to paint...not to mention a new codex release!

Gamers World said...

Sweet, I really like the consistency and cleanness (don't get me started on how crisp the white is :)), lovely job mate.

Matt said...

Wow, those guys look great. Clean and crisp, you did a superb job.

jabberjabber said...

Very crisp! The contrasting grey on the vehicles really helps the whiter colours to stand out.

sovietspace said...

I'll agree, a very well done army. The crispness of them really invokes an anime feel for me - which of course works so well with Tau.

Are there anymore in the pipeline?

Sidestreaker said...

I think they look fantastic!

Love the clean look of the army!

Paul Chana said...

Thanks for all the kind words guys! The white - well its easy once you can use an airbrush - remember there is no shadowing etc on this, so a straight coat of white from an airbrush takes minutes to get good coverage..

More in the works? Well yes, i currently have a half finished squad of broadsides to finish off as well as another hammerhead (to take them up to 1500 points if memory serves correctly). Ill post pictures once they are finished!

Thanks again!

Lach said...

I have to say, its a very clean and simple system, its much what I was thinking of doing for a tau army after I finish up my necron army. Nice work chief.

oni said...

They're very clean and elegant. Two thumbs up.