Krieg trench

For a while ive had some of the wonderful Forge World Krieg models hanging around. I didnt want to waste them on a single unit for my guard army - they are such nice models they deserve something special!
Eventually i decided to put them together in a small diorama in a trench. Before i commit to the larger trench network however, i wanted to paint a single model up to see what the pit falls are, what works well and most importantly, what colours to use!
So here is my Krieg guardsman in his trench. Its heavily influenced by WW1 models by Richard Windrow (especially those in the book Advanced Terrain Modelling). Its also the first time i've used model snow - I think the effect looks good in "real life" (tm), but on camera it looks like dessicated coconut (or so my wife just told me!)
Comments as always welcome on painting and photography.


Malcolm Wilson said...

That looks great, the snow especially. Good work!

3BAC said...

Really looks good! Shame you didn't enter this in the Best Based Miniatures contest at ++ FROM THE WARP ++ . It would have been tough to beat.

Admiral Drax said...

Stunning, mate. What's the detail beneath the signpost?

- Drax

Paul Chana said...

Thanks for the kind words guys... Yeah didnt know about the basing contest until you mentioned it, otherwise i would have entered..

Drax - its a coil of barbed wire. Have to say, i dont really like the plain GW barbed wire - its doesnt look barbed enough, especially compared to some of the WW1/WW2 versions (or indeed the forge world stuff)
Its a shame, because lots of the smaller details havent come out in the photos, and are much more obvious in real time.
Thanks for stopping by :)