Joining the FtW Blogger Group

So i just got an email from Ron, accepting my request to join the
++ From The Warp ++ Blogger Group! Im still waiting on more information about the group, but im just about to upload a new title banner with the FtW blogger logo on it! I have to say, i'm really quite excited to be joining FtWBG - At the moment, my interaction with other gamers is limited to my friend Chris and the guys in the local GW. I'd really like to meet and talk to other gamers, and it seemed to me that this was an excellent route to take!
If you want to read more about the FtW Blogging group, you can on this page - and here is the logo


RonSaikowski said...

Looking forward to having you aboard Paul and seeingmore of your work.

Welcome to the group.

Admiral Drax said...

There's some nice stuff here, Matey - tanks. I've added you on...
- Drax

Gamers World said...

Your now on my blogroll.