The Wolf Lord

The moment that i saw this giant lump of resin on the Forgeworld website, I new that I had to paint it! An amazing sculpt (does anyone know who the original artist was? I'd love to get more of their work...) cast as a single piece in the usual grey Forgeworld resin, the piece cleaned up well with few mould lines and then the epic paint job started. In terms of both time scales (it probably took me more than 30 hours to paint!) and difficulty this has been one of the hardest miniatures I've ever painted. At times it felt like I was being punished for some previous wrong (!) but I am very happy with the final results.

I wanted to represent a Space Wolf Lord who had been away in combat for many months, surviving in a hostile environment without access to maintenance for his Terminator armour. He should look battle scarred, weary and yet still ferocious.

The wolf lord was painted with a combinations of acrylics, applied by both airbrush and by brush, and several oil colours. This is the first non armour model that i have used oils on for anything other than weathering. Usually, i use oils for any grime streaks, oil leaks etc, but on this model I used lots of oils for the shadowing work, detailing on the face and the metals - every time I use oils, i realise how much i love to work with them, mainly due to the working time being so long. This lets you correct mistakes in a way that you just cant if you are using acrylics. Anyway, on to the pictures, as always, let me know what you think!


Sholto said...

That looks brilliant. I love the weathering effects. Are the rust and battle damage modelled or are they all in the paint job? Either way, fantastic work :)

Paul Chana said...

Rust and battle damage are mostly in the paint job. the big scars on the back of the carapace is modelled, but the rest is painted on... Thanks for the kind words :)

sovietspace said...

Well, thats exceptional work mate. I really wish I could find one of those busts myself, I would love to attempt one. Either way, I doubt I could achieve the level of awesome that you have!

Dverning said...

I'm usually not much for the bust style pieces, but that's one I'd be happy to have in my display case. Spectacular work and I love the battle damage and weathering.