Check point

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to let you all know that I've just posted the first photos of armour on Heretics Playground. This one is off a Imperial Guard sentinel patrolling a checkpoint. I wanted to give the impression that this particular sentinel has been in service a long time. First model that i've really been happy with the scratch built components (in this case, the sand bags made with Pro Create and the barbed wire, made using the tutorial on Cool mini or not. The barricade is from a set I picked up at Salute a few years ago. I'm afraid i don't remember who made them tho.The sign is custom built from evergreen rods and a sign printed on my computer. The whole lot was then weathered with oil paints, pastels and acrylics until i was happy.
The sentinel itself was painted using an airbrush and Tamiya colours, then weathered with oils, pastels, powders and acrylics.
Enjoy the pictures - there are more over at Heretics Playground!


King's Standard Bearer said...

great job. i really like it!!

oni said...

That is quite awesome. Any plans for a themed squadron perhaps?

Paul Chana said...

Thanks for the comments guys,
Yeah I've been thinking about building a new (all Krieg) army using the new codex. Just need to figure out a way to reduce the long time it takes to finish a model to this standard down to an Army level :)