An (new) Imperial Guard List (900 Pts) and some questions

Okay so I finally got the new codex. I have to say I'm really liking it, GW seem to have done a good job on this one. The new layout (whilst a little confusing to start with) is much better when actually building lists, and the new guard seem much easier to manage that the old lists.

Anyway, I've put together this list, and I'd really appreciate it if people could take a look over it and point out any changes that you think would be needed - I mainly play against Chris' Space Marines, so I need something that can take Marines down! At the moment its just the standard HQ + 2 Troops - in the future I plan to add vehicles to it, but for the moment, I want to concentrate on the core of the force. As I've decided to re-do my army list, I figured that now would be a good time to repaint my Guard - A completely fresh start, if you will!

Here is the list:

Company Command Squad (212 points)

  • Company Commander: Bolt pistol, Power weapon
  • Veteran: Medi-pack
  • Veteran: Regimental Standard
  • Veteran: Vox caster
  • Veteran: Meltagun
  • Master Of Ordnance
  • Officer Of The Fleet
  • Bodyguard
  • Bodyguard

2 x Infantry Platoon (343 points each, total of 686 points)

Platoon Command Squad

  • Platoon Commander: Boltgun
  • Commissar: Boltgun
  • Guardsman: Platoon Standard
  • Guardsman: Vox caster
  • Guardsman: Medi pack
  • Guardsman: Meltagun

2 x Infantry Squad

  • Sergeant: Bolt Pistol
  • Commissar: Power weapon
  • Guardsman: Meltagun
  • 8 x Guardsmen: Lasguns

So... what does everyone think? Its a little vanilla at the moment, but like I was saying at the beginning of this, I want to get the core parts right. I've focussed on taking things that either:

  1. Prevent my guardsmen from running away. Basically I've given them all Commissars
  2. Give the units a little bit of an extra kick! I went for Meltaguns in this army. My previous one was heavy on Plasmaguns, but I've got tired of always rolling 1's and losing my guardsman!

I also have a couple of questions about the new codex that I was hoping someone can help me with.
First, in the wargear section for the Infantry Squads it says "Close-combat weapon". Does this mean that all my guardsmen have CCW's? I figured that it only applies to the Sergeant / Commissar, but reading it again, I'm not so sure.
Secondly it often says that the commander "may exchange his laspistol and/or close-combat weapon for:" - where upon it then lists items that i didn't think could be combined (Bolt gun + Power fist??). Am I just reading this wrong? It doesn't seem to say anywhere that they are exclusive - but I'm pretty sure that there is a rule in the main rule book about two handed weapons....


oni said...

I would recommend changing out the company commanders power weapon for a power fist. He's S3 so he's not going to do much of anything in combat, but at S6 despite striking at I1 he has a better chance of killing something.

As for the CCW... I don't have my codex in front of me, but I think it's only the sergeant that gets it.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you're reading that right. They have a CCW, but NOT CCWs plural. It's a nicety GW has been doing to show that the guys aren't just smashing their opponent with their gun. Maybe there will be a rule in the future to affect it, but right now it just means business as usual. They don't get a second attack because they only have the one weapon... unless you equip them with a pistol or the like.

And yeah, Boltgun and power fist is perfectly fine... one's a ranged attack and the other a CC that can't benefit from an additional CCW, so why not upgrade them both? (Well, other than cost)

oni said...

After checking the codex. They all have a CCW.