Black Rose

Not much to say about this one. The model is "Black Rose" by Freebooter miniatures. I always expect to enjoy painting FB mini's more than i actually do,  Rose especially had a face that was a nightmare to paint...


Capitola Family said...

very cool. I think I am in the same space now with just finding models that I like and painting them, without much structure. I just bought to Gamezone minis that look really cool. I can't really do anything with it, except paint it.
Love the way the book came out!
I check your blog regularly and really like it.
Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

Paul Chana said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah the whole building an army thing kinda get tiring to continue at any kind of decent pace, especially when trying to match style and consistency of painting across many troops the same (If i ever have to paint another Cadian it will be too soon ;))
I find that taking a break from time to time and working on my single minis gives me a break and lets me practice new painting techniques..

Glad you like the blog :)