Viridian Sniper

So recently ive been taking a break from my guard (Im sick of painting guardsmen!) and working on a few single miniatures. The first to be finished is a Viridian Sniper from Urban Mammoth
This is a very nice model that with the addition of a scenic base forms a very single single miniature.
Painted as always with vallejo game colour, citadel washes and mig weathering powders. On an aside i was working on my photography as well with this post - hopefully the images here should be a lot better than previous attempts.
Comments welcome as always on both the miniature and the photography...


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Re: Photography
The figure seems a bit dark, as if the lighting is not being captured by the camera. Check your settings to see if you can direct the light level. On my Canon, its light metering mode: spot.

sovietspace said...

I tend to agree with Chicago on the photography (which is an odd sentence in itself...).

However, it shouldn't detract from the model itself which is superb. The paint job really achieves a menacing, hunting look. I particularly like the work on the face and the infared/optical lens thingy.

Good work mate, now get back to the Guard :P