New road sections complete

One of the main projects that ive been working on is a complete, modular, Cities of Death table for an upcoming 40K / Apocalypse game that me and a friend have planned. We are going to be playing on a 10'x5' table, so we decided that we needed to have a good amount of terrain, and for a long time ive wanted to do a fully modular table.

Unfortunately storage is a big factor for me as i only have a small amount of space that wargames can take up, so doing big 2'x2' boards was out of the question. In the end i went for the City boards produced by Miniature Scenery - Im using the Urban Grounds packs. These give you 9"x9" boards (roughly) and a whole load of road sections.

Having played games on "COD" tables, i've found it hardest to play on the tables where there is too much rubble, so ive gone for a slightly sparse look to my table - Although it doesnt look as good, it does make it easier to play the game - We usually count any areas of rubble as being difficult terrain meaning that we both know exactly what to expect from a piece of terrain.

Given that i have to cover a large amount of the table, ive decided to use a quick and efficient paint scheme, combined with plastic buildings (mainly the GW COD boxes and a few bits from Peggasus Hobbies and Antenociti's Workshop).

To paint i first put the models together, then undercoat using GW's choas black spray.

Then i airbrush the entire model (except road sections) using Vallejo Cold Grey (which is about the same as GW Codex Grey)... (On a seperate note, i plan to do a full post about airbrushing terrain in the future)

...followed by a lighter airbrush of Vallejo Stonewall grey (not sure what GW this is equivalent to) - Sorry about the quality of this photo, no matter how hard i tried it kept coming out ultra light...

Road sections are then painted by brush in pure Choas black.

And thats it! They look kinda basic but when put together they give quite a nice effect